Outreach Manager

Manage data remediation initiatives through email broadcast and tracking of responses

Outreach Manager enables the coordination of data collection initiatives that involve connecting with clients via email. The platform unifies information requests to eliminate duplication, hones in on relevant details and documents while providing you with the ability to send requests to multiple distribution lists. These requests can be tracked individually until all data is validated.


By utilizing this tool you can:

  • Collect data elements from existing systems and send them out in targeted email broadcasts
  • Respond to email or lack thereof, by tracking through a workflow, enabling you to manage the validation of collected data and trigger reminders when no data is received
  • Summarize the status of multiple programs, along with the ability to drill into details through dashboards
  • Reduce the effort required to reach out to clients with specific requests by accurately tracking all submissions
  • Manage client interaction across multiple campaigns to avoid duplication of information requests
  • Easily handle data validation across multiple overlapping initiatives