Comprehensive reconciliation framework to manage operational and counterparty risk

Financial institutions must actively manage operational and counterparty risk arising from poor data flows between internal and external systems. We provide end-to-end support for a wide range of reconciliation requirements, including front to back-office systems, documents to systems, broker reconciliations, industry utilities, as well as settlement and portfolio reconciliations. The accuracy and reliability of data are critical to reducing risk across the life cycle of any client transaction. eClerx Markets supports over 200,000 trade reconciliations daily. We have the tools, scale, and expertise to offer accurate reconciliation services at extremely competitive rates.


Our services help clients:


  •  Mitigate risk arising out of incomplete or incorrect data flows between internal and external systems
  •  Identify, investigate,  and resolve any breaks. Delivering the requisite information to help avoid the same breaks arising in the future
  •  Properly resource based on spikes in volumes or complexity of transactions.
  •  Remediate, processes where there is a distinct absence of workflow tools or automation


eClerx Markets Reconciliation Manager