Risk Management and Quality

Top-down and bottom-up quality business process improvements

At eClerx Markets we guarantee our clients’ continual quality improvements, proactively identifying and mitigating any internal or external risks while ensuring minimal impact on service delivery. We have a number of teams, methods, and tools in place to deliver a highly controlled solution that meets and exceeds stringent SLA and KPI targets.


The risk management framework we utilize is frequently updated in the following areas:

Operational risk
We conduct risk assessments during the transition phase, and every 3 months thereafter


People risk
We minimize attrition impact in three critical areas: maintaining a strong bench of readily trained resources, providing ongoing in-house educational training, 44.as well as continuously sourcing/developing and implementing tools that automate or simplify processes


Utilizing a risk and control framework
This model focuses on identifying, categorizing and remediating risk incidents that have occurred


A dedicated quality team
Deploy and maintain a robust quality framework for all processes we run