Email Validation Tool is a scalable, robust web application for end-to-end request lifecycle management
  • Non-structured and manual workflow to manage incoming and outgoing email requests
  • Limited visibility of the outstanding requests leading to SLA breaches
  • High risk of email misdirects and possible information security breach
  • Need for standardization and stronger governance on outgoing emails
eClerx Markets Solution
  • A scalable and robust web based application enabling an end-to-end request lifecycle management
  • Over 15 security features to scan recipients, subject, email body and attachments for any conflicts
  • Centralized, role-oriented administration across projects and processes with ability to define and track SLAs
  • A “one-stop shop” for all business rules/ controls across email
  • A comprehensive request tracker, monitoring dashboard and reporting suite
Benefits & Savings

Effort Saving

  • Reduced effort by automated creation of the work queues and allocation of requests
  • Further effort reduction enabled by auto-email drafting and monitoring for preventing misdirects

Risk Reduction

  • Streamlined request lifecycle management and linkage of emails
  • Reduced risk by blocking of potential email misdirects, inaccurate emails and missed responses
  • High visibility on email validations; alerts the admin for all configuration updates

Visibility & Control

  • Audit trail on individual request status, action taken and ownership
  • Deployable across multiple processes; visibility using a consolidated dashboard
  • Added Control due to effective PQRS metrics tracking and personal mail blocks