Our expertise, technology, and law firm affiliations helps eliminate errors and maintain compliance with upcoming deadlines

We support our clients in meeting margin reform requirements by utilizing our legal documentation experience, proprietary outreach technology and affiliations with law firms, to provide the controls, reporting, and assistance required in the repapering process.


Our solution seamlessly guides you and your counterparties through the complex repapering and renegotiation requirements mandated by margin reform by offering:


  • Analytics:
    • Insights to help organize and understand your counterparty population, prioritize counterparties for outreach, and identify risks
  • Repapering:
    • Drafting of bilateral CSAs or amendments and completion of the ISDA VM Protocol Questionnaire or ISDA Amend
  • Counterparty Outreach:
    • Proprietary outreach tool to automate contact with large volumes of counterparties while eliminating errors and protecting against reputational risk
  • Bilateral Negotiation and Legal Opinion:
    • When complex bilateral negotiations are required; we partner with legal firms to provide legal advice and expert opinion
  • Data and Document Management Options:
    • Web-based portals with full metrics and reporting, as well as document management solutions


eClerx Markets Outreach Manager