Document Management Services

Expertise in driving documentation programs to meet internal and external data requirements

Managing counterparty, credit, and legal risk is a perpetual pain point for financial institutions. Our solutions range from targeted extraction to meet immediate regulatory requirements, including MiFID, ERISA, BCBS 261, Living Will, RRP, and the HIRE Act, which have brought to light the lack of accurate and granular agreement data; to more comprehensive and highly granular reviews, delivering consumable data in preferred formats.


eClerx Markets’ document management services include:

  • Data Modeling: Our expertise has enabled us to develop proprietary data models for multiple agreement types. These can be further customized per client and regulatory requirements and can accommodate unstructured language
  • Data Capture: We have a proven 99.5% data accuracy rate, driven by a flexible maker-checker workflow within Extractor, our proprietary document extraction software
  • Metrics and Reporting: Dynamic and customizable dashboards presenting risk analytics and benchmarking metrics
  • Searchable Database: Repositories of agreement data that enables keyword and clause searches across the document universe
  • Output: We can deliver the output in multiple formats, tailored to meet existing database schemas, or host and manage the data on our platforms