A robust collateral management solution blending skill and scale

Offering an end-to-end collateral management solution for clients, using skilled resources, industry tools, proprietary outreach, and workflow solutions, distinguishes eClerx Markets. From entering credit terms into credit risk systems to validating margin calls and the downstream settlement collateral movements, our dedicated team of analysts helps you avoid unnecessary complexity and costs. We provide coverage across all time-zones, and our analysts continually track and manage collateral calls so that you have the most up-to-date information.


Our dedicated teams combine the necessary skill and scale across the collateral management lifecycle, including:


  •  Client onboarding, including CSA digitization and credit term entry in credit risk systems
  •  A streamlined workflow for valuation scrubbing, portfolio reconciliation, margin call generation, dispute resolution, and interest payment generation
  •  Portfolio matching with counterparties whether or not they are users of TriOptima®
  •  Advanced metrics delivered to clients on demand and during regular monthly reviews
  •  Automated control reports and STP to custodian portals
  •  Analytical monthly reporting covering all key metrics and indicators