Listed Billing and Brokerage

Efficient, holistic and accurate billing and reconciliation solution

The eClerx Markets billing and brokerage solution embeds our proprietary technology with industry-leading expertise to address the challenges of both executing and clearing brokers. We cover all aspects of Listed Derivatives billing and brokerage, including payables, receivables and exchange commissions. Our service includes the digitization of executing broker invoices, the validation of data from electronic brokerage applications (Atlantis, GPS), and integration with industry-standard back office solutions systems (such as GMI and R&N). With our expertise and technology we are able to reduce the time taken to resolve and settle your billing and brokerage challenges. This holistic approach helps clients reduce their brokerage backlogs and agree commissions with clients faster. With a focus on shortening turnaround times, resolving disputes and eliminating aged brokerage backlogs, eClerx Markets helps clients with:


  • EGUS and eRates Agreement management
  • Commission calculations, payables and receivables management
  • Digitization of executing broker invoices
  • Reconciliation of data from internal platforms with broker invoices and electronic brokerage applications
  • Creation of  daily metrics to effectively manage and mitigate future brokerage issues, from resolving zero-rate commission trades to identifying invoices that should be settled electronically in the future
  • Downstream settlement of invoices


eClerx Markets Billing Manager