Regulatory Compliance and Data

Delivering a scalable and cost-effective solution for regulatory compliance and data management.

Streamlining and Enhancing the Confirmation Workflow

The industry continues to be challenged to meet lightening regulatory timelines. Infrastructure and systems have been developed independently resulting in multiple form types, a lack of a central repository, limited insights into the metrics driving the business, high costs, as well as disjointed and manually intensive process. eClerx has developed managed solution to help streamline confirmation workflow.

Our Expertise

As the leading service provider for OTC Confirmations, our years of experience combined with our automation technology enable us to deliver :

A centralised platform for all your confirmations.

Barcode tagging to successfully direct 50% of inbound confirmations.

95% match rate on economic fields within incoming review.

Real-time metrics to measure, identity systemic issues and challenge your existing processes.

50% overall savings on processing time for incoming review with OCR Data capture.

Machine learning is used to develop business rules to categorise inbound confirmations.

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