Leveraging eClerx's Outreach Manager platform to perform outreach across ~65,000 client accounts for KYC remediation, MiFID, FATCA, DF and EMIR compliance requirements
  • Decentralized outreach program with multiple groups approaching the client
  • Missed follow-ups and responses due to high volume of email communications being tracked manually
  • No visibility into compliance across clients due to inability to measure metrics on email communications
  • Risk of email misdirects and misses
eClerx Markets Solution
  • Deployed the Outreach Manager Platform, 3 senior consultants in New York and 21 analysts in India to centrally manage outreach across compliance requirements
  • Configured individual outreach programs into Outreach Manager platform. Assimilated data from respective client databases
  • Assimilated data from respective client databases
  • Performed data analysis to consolidate 65,000 client accounts~ 7,000 outreach requests
  • Allocated work based on prioritization defined during outreach programs setup, by jurisdiction
  • Centralized communication management; Pre-configured email templates, response tracking and automated follow-up emails
  • Attestation of completed cases by client managers
  • Communication history, data and documents maintained for regulatory audits

Centralized outreach program reduced headcount by ~35%

Successfully completed the project with 65,000 client accounts in 30 weeks